Wednesday, July 29, 2009

10 Hot Trends Collection for Winter 2008-2009

Although, seasons change each of us wanted to be fashionable and beautiful at all times.

Showing you the top 10 hot trends for the forthcoming winter 2008-2009!

1. Fur and Feathers - Ralph Lauren

Coat trend is for fall and winter season. Winter is cold and of course you cannot do without a coat. This season designers have returned fur to fashion. It looks chik and perfect for every woman.

Yeah, we have seen a lot of short fur coats and jackets out there, as well as with fur embillishments. In fact, fur collars are very popular and are seen in many collections.

When it comes to feathers, you can create something like images of graceful swans, of flitting sparrows, of fairytales. Feathers and Plumes in winter season, can add ephemeral touch. As you can see collection below, it comes from urberry Prorsum, Christian Lacroix, Donna Karan, Blumarine, Ralph Lauren and other.

2. Military Looks

We have to admit that Military Looks is either going to be in Vogue this winter. Although, this style was considered as manly by many people, but still it looks gorgeous on ladies too. This comes in collection by Temperley, Ralph Lauren, Alexander McQueen, Derek Lam & Collette Dinnigan and other.

3. Bohemian Look

This look is a part peasant, part Cossack, part sex-goddess rock chic. This was considered has a roots in traditional folk elements and particularly Russian one. But actually, it fuses in luxury elements and rock-chic attitude.

In this trend it includes billowy white peasant shirts, fringed boots, folk-inspired tooled leather pieces, charm belts and jewelry, embroidery and paisley prints, fur or fur-trimmed pieces, which comes from Gucci, Naeem Khan and Anna Sui collecton.

4. Knitwear

This is present in winter season, without Knitwear this season it's not possible reasonable. You can find various style to every taste, it's either strict, business-like, pretty feminine or chic. I'm sure every lady wil find her own piece when it comes to fashion wear.

5. Necklines

Even in a regular basis, Tie Neckline is a classic look that goes in and out of fashion. Ties on your coats, blouses and knitwear pieces can serve as scarves or bows if you wish. And this season, it is with us again.

6. Tartan and Plaid

Tartan and Plaid considered as trend this season, Yes, we can see plaid patterns on jackets, skirts, blouses, even tights. Rather than the traditional red tartans, 2009’s plaid embraces a palette of muted greys, blues, greens and browns.

7. Dresses

In the world of fashion, Dresses is always been a favorite trends as they are comfortable to wear and demonstrate the better parts of our bodies. This season, Dresses have sequins, various embellishments, lace and leopard prints.

Dresses are of many styles, but the most popular for winter 2009 are slim drapery ones, the 60s A-line shift dresses, the embellished shift, and the prom fairy full skirt dresses with intense rich paisley patterns and geometric prints, brocades, tartan, satin, lace and sheers and ice cream colors have created a modern dress look.

8. Trouser Shapes

It is known that women preffered to wear trousers during winter season. So, here are some styles for you. It is no more a secret that fashion of the past years is returning.

That is why you have a wide range of trousers’ styles to choose. If you want 70s style, then flares are for you.

If you fancy 80s, then try carrot top fuller looser pants. For eveningwear, it is possible to select sequin trousers.

Skinny leather pants are a good choice as well. The newest line includes the peg-top narrow ankle cropped trousers. Wear ankle boots to close the gap.

9. Skirt Silhouettes

It's either you can choose skirt or pants to wear, its up to you which fits in with the season. Skirts have become longer - just below the knee. Of course, miniskirts are as popular among young girls. However, there are fewer of them now.

10. Scarves

In last years winter, season designers have tempered their imagination and scarves are mostly of average sizes.

You can find the trendiest scarves made of jersey. They can be wrapped around your neck twice and hang down beautifully. Besides, a bit unusual variant for winter we see this season – a silk scarf. It is more decorative than practical though.


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