Monday, September 14, 2009

Pair of Gorgeous High-heeled Shoes We Wanted

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In our lives, we always wanted to have a pair of Gorgeous High-heeled Shoes. Here, in designers house, I always features designers shoes and handbags. As a woman, we use to have a classic outfits that fits great to us, a perfect makeup emphasizing how beautiful our face is, jewelry which completes the look and of course a pair of gorgeous high-heeled shoes.


Most women like to wear high-heeled shoes because they are glamourous. These can be shoes with a high spike heel, sandals with stillettos and even mules with wedge heels – every fashionista must have at least one pair of such shoes in her wardrobe.

Emilio Pucci Prune Suede

Some latest shoe trend like high-heeled shoes can be worn with trousers, kapris, evening gowns and even wedding dresses. But, there are things you should before buying a pair with sky-high heels.

Wearing high-heeled shoes make your look elegant and brilliant. The leg looks longer, more slender and attractive especially if the shoes perfectly match the attire. And likewise, Shoes and sandals with high heels make the figure more proportionate and sexy. You will walk confidenltly because you know you look fantastic.


For ladies out there, if you feel uncomfortable wearing your high-heeled shoes, you can choose shoes which is more comfortable for you and less harmful for health.

Well, future fashionista's out there! high heels do look great and make us look wonderful but they as well bring lots of problems. So, think twice before buying if it is really worth it and safe.

source: millionlooks

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