Sunday, October 11, 2009

Incredible Spring-Summer Shoes for 2010

Designers house, spotted this Incredible Spring-Summer Shoes for 2010 by Alexander McQueen. This shoes created difficult to look at, but not mentioning wearing it.

As a fashion lover, I love to collect shoes but these seems to be just absolutely unwearable because of its design. Even catwalk models can't take to wear this type of shoes. Amazingly, this shoes reach up to 12 inches!

For me, this lates shoe trend is impossible to rock with out damaging our feet. Well, it looks very futuristic just like designer McQueen wanted but isn't that too cruel to make beauties wear those even if they are paid for that?

So, rock you feet with these incredible Spring-Summer shoes by Alexander McQueen now.

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1 comment:

  1. What in the world! can someone actually wear this and walk in a mall or anywhere?

    Kids don't just try this at home. :-)

    well there really ain't nothing much than the very stylish pair of sandal. wow!