Wednesday, April 1, 2009

PRADA Vitello Daino Metallic Handbag for Spring/Summer

If you get into fashion, you'll know the feeling: lusting madly over a gorgeous new handbag each season. I am talking about the fun, and fresh handbags that will absolutely complete your wardrobe.

Even they're in and out for years, but still metallic handbags are now hotter than ever. Whether you go mirror smooth or funky with a bit of crinkle, PRADA Vitello Daino metallic is the best handbags right now.

Here are some features of PRADA Vitello Daino metallic handbag: It has a double shoulder straps, early closure, two zipper pocket, metal legs, and is not surprising. It has made in Italy and these Bitello Daino Handbags have buttons on one side with a height of 12" and 16" width. This handbag is beautiful and in for spring/summer season, but the price is completely different.

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1 comment:

  1. OMG WOW! I love the metallic look on this handbag! Prada handbags are going to be the hot commodity for this summer, again! :)