Monday, August 17, 2009

Accessorize Your Dress with this Belt Trends for Autumn 2009-Winter 2010

In the latest fashion trend today, is it important to accessorize your dress with this Belt Trends for Autumn 2009-Winter 2010.

We can worn belts either for practical purpose or just as a decorative item. But no matter what we wear it for we should be very careful when choosing the style of the belt. As any other item of clothes belts have styles and are not versatile for the exception of classic designs. So pay lots of attention to belts you select.

Here are some different types of Belts you wanted:

Jewelry Belts is the most beautiful and sophisticated belts I've ever seen. These belts look glamorous and tender and serve as nice decoration to an evening outfit. But you can wear it with your casual clothes as well if you wish to look feminine. Likewise, Jewelry belts are embellished with stones, metal details, clips and rivets.

Zac Pozen's Belts deserve special attention as they are ornamented with flowers, leaves, snakes and even drops of morning dew.

Belts of Unusual Design serve as adornments to your garments too but they are not as rich in details as jewelry belts.

Those belts are all average width but made of different materials including leather, wood, metals, etc. There are some interesting details decorating them, such as unusual flower-like buckle, strass patterns, extraordinary forms.

Fabric Belts are those in look great, with various fabrics used to make them satin, suede, velvet, and silk. Some are decorated with sequins or beads. The softness of fabrics allows to experiment with knots. They can be pretty ordinary or very complicated and unusual in shape.

Thin Belts are in fashion this season. They come in a diversity of colors and materials and can go with just anything, from an evening gown to a pant-and-blouse combination.

Thin belts are look amazing when worn over sweaters or t-shirts, but it depends on you on how to wear it to look more fashionable and stylish.

Wide Belts this seasons comes in various hues, shapes and designs. There are many leather belts, leather-and-velvet combined belts, and even fabric-and-fur combination's.

Remember that, there are a lot of choices of clothes which you can wear wide belts. Many designers offers to wear belts in sideways because it looks more fantastic and stylish.

Classic Belts looks more versatile and a classic-style. I recommend, you should invest into a classic belt while we still feel the influence of the recession and can’t spend too much on garments.

You should know, that belts are very essential and can do a lot to complement our look. Check out those belts above for your perfect warm garment!


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