Thursday, August 27, 2009

Prada Tessuto Oro Chain Bag

As far as spring rears beautiful head around the corner, spring summer handbags are trying to make their way into our arms. Prada Tessuto Oro Chain Bag is the latest handbag trend for spring summer season.

Can you just imagine, a small bag that has an overly long strap to wear with its tiny thing across your body and a stencil cut logo plate that is downright tawdry.

This designer handbag can draw attention to those who have a shorter height most especially on the tallest one wearing this. This is the kind of fug bag that you use to draw attention to yourself, bad attention. If you are desperate, try it in white, black, or orange.

Try this tiny Prada Tessuto Oro Chain Bag to draw more attention to the public! I'm sure, you'll look like a celebrity having a lot of fun's.

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  1. Taga Ilo-ilo gali ikaw, akon nanay kag tatay taga dira pero nagbalhin sila sa mindanao damo kami paryente dira pero wala ko kblo diin dapit. Hilig k gd s fashion2 parha gid ta. By d way g baligya ko sing mga vintage nga mga designer handbags check lang akon blog. Tc lang dira.

  2. Very nice bag. Prada never dissappoints with their designer handbags. This plated Prada bag is just what every woman needs for this summer season.