Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Designer Handbags in Ethnic and Tribal Print

This summer season, we have several trends in designer handbags that we can take into account if we are looking at the cutting edge of the latest styles, shapes, and textures.

To all fashion lovers, one thing you should have to keep in mind is the fact that although I am talking about the trends in designer handbags, still there are some high end mass producers already using the same techniques, fabrics and textures that might we might be seeing into lower price, good quality similar models on the High Street soon.
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Here are some Designer Handbags:

Fendi Tribal Spy Bag

If you are looking for a major splurge handbags, this Tribal Spy Bag from Fendi is suit for you. This bag features a multi-colored woven handle and black, brown and tan leather. You can wear this tribal inspired handbag with just about anything in your closet.
Melie Bianco's Bohemian Tribal Bag

This is considered as the longest running best seller. A very trendy Bohemian Tribal look that turns your head. This is an Applique hobo handbags made from faux leather. The handle is wrapped in contrast colors. Exquisite handworked details on the front capture the Bohemian essence of the style.
Chic Style Ethnic Bohemian Handmade Handbags

In the world of fashion today, Bohemian handbags considered as tribal fashion yesterday, but it's because of it's Bohemian Handbags embroidered tunic features, it was become a fashion today. This Bohemian Ethnic Handbags are the coolest and the trendiest way of dressing.

Dior Ethnic Large Hobo Bag

This is a lovely ethnic handbag style from Dior. This handbags have braided leather strap with flat leather handle too. It has also a leather whipstitching woven through grommets along seams.
Tribal Heel Handbags

This Tribal handbag is cool and lovely to wear. With cute design and have a flower on it's right side that makes you look more lovely and sexy. Material handmade hill tribe fabric cotton. With inner lining with cotton.two small pockets inside one with Zipper closure!
Zipper Closure.Two-side are Same.
Embroidered Ethnic Handbags

This Ethnic Gold oval shaped metal handbag encrusted with clear stones on the front side of the bag and the opening of the bag is from the top with a velvet lining. This handbags is cool to wear too.
Embroidered Yellow Handbag

This yellow ethnic style handbags is perfect for your summer. This is made of yellow raw silk embroidered handbag with fine silk threads, metal beads on the front and side of the handbag. The handles are made from colorful glass beads and stones.
Ethnic Fashion Handbags

This ethnic fashion handbags looks elegant with its designed, keep comfort and trends. This is horizontally elongated zip zap bags represent the perfect synthesis of kutch, lace and zari embroidery.

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  1. These designer handbags are simply stunning! I really enjoy seeing the ethnic and tribal patterns being used in today's fashion :)

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