Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring 2009 Top Trend Color for Shoes

We've come to think about what shoes we are going to wear for Spring as soon be with us. In fact, the Spring trends are more or less predictable but there are some new tendencies that we should aware of.

You should know that, there are plenty of bright tints this Spring in garments as well but it is better to combine flesh hues in clothes with bright colors in shoes to create a nice-looking image.

Orange is a top trend color for shoes in spring 2009. It is bright, lively and dynamic. It is also good for young girls but maybe too loud for older ladies. If you are not sure you can dare to wear orange, you can go for pink or white. Pink and White color is softer, more charming and tender and very sweet. Any woman of any age will look pretty feminine and nice wearing footwear of these colors.

Other popular tints we saw are red, purple, violet and all shades of grey, metallics and browns. Flowers also will be highly in vouge this season, in both garments and shoes. Choose what goes the best for you.

So, here are the styles which are going to be in vogue in the forthcoming season:

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