Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tribal/Ethnic Designer Shoes for Spring/Summer 2009

We all know, that Bohemian inspired looks considered as one of the first 2009 fashion trends nowadays. Although fashion has gone globally for Spring/Summer 2009 still they are the designers inspiration from every corner of the world.

Yes, we can seen tribal themes with the strong use of animal prints. To pull off this look you need to pick one of the outlined themes and stick to it. You can use animal print designer shoes during daytime as it look safe. Take note, ethnic and tribal print designer shoes will work best in summer and might look a bit out of place in the winter.

Great collections of Ethnic/Tribal Designer Shoes:

Christian Dior

Louis Vuitton

Tribal Union-High Heel Wedge

Malik Tribal Platform
Christian Dior

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